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Ceramic Low Pressure Air Diffuser for Bubble Aerators

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bubblerBattery operated bubble aerators are an inexpensive way to keep bait alive in small containers. They are an entry point for anglers looking to purchase an inexpensive aerator to maintain small amounts of bait for short periods of time. They provide gentle aeration, but are inefficient because of non-uniformed bubble pattern and coarse bubble size in air stones. Cost is the primary factor in producing air stones that are packaged with your aerator. They sustain less bait per unit of air than aerators that produce smaller bubbles.

Most bubble aerators use AA, C, or D cell batteries, and operational costs can become expensive.


Low Pressure Ceramic DiffuserIf a bubble aerator is your decision, utilize a low pressure ceramic diffuser. KeepAlive® manufactures a low pressure ceramic diffuser with micro bubbles that dramatically improves the efficiency of a bubble aerator. They are expensive in comparison to air stones because of the intensive manufacturing process, but if a bubble aerator is your only option in maintaining fish, then purchase a high quality bubble aerator and couple it with the KeepAlive® KA975 Low Pressure Ceramic Diffuser. If properly maintained, your low pressure ceramic diffuser will provide for many years of efficient service.



Soak your diffuser for 10 minutes before attaching your air hose to the diffuser hose barb. This will reduce the dynamic wet pressure (DWP) and allow the diffuser to immediately start producing the fine micro-bubbles.


Remove the diffuser from the water and leave your bubble aerator operating. Place the diffuser face down on a paper towel. The aerator will push out any remaining water and debris that may have clogged the pores in the diffuser. This will ensure that the diffuser has dried cleanly and provide years of efficient service.


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