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CMC High Speed Hydraulic Power-Lift

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Features Of Patented Hydraulic High Speed Power-Lift® Full Stroke in 8 seconds! (U.S. Patent 4,482,330)

  • Made of 3/4 and 1/2 inch 6061 T6 alloy aluminum extrusions and fastened with stainless steel fasteners. Ideal for fresh or salt water use. No welds or castings to break.
  • The hydraulic actuator is completely self-contained with its own fluid reservoir (eliminates the need for hydraulic tank and hoses inside the boat). It contains a permanent magnet motor for more power and constant torque. The cylinder within the actuator has more lifting capacity than other transom jacks on the market. It contains a no-leak seal and wiper that keeps dirt and water out of the working parts. The system is made of 100% non-ferrous material which makes it impervious to saltwater and freshwater.
  • The patented roller design means less friction, longer wear, less maintenance, and virtually no binding problems which are common with other transom jacks. The roller assembly contains a stainless steel 3/4″ pin with aluminum-bronze alloy rollers. The roller is highly impact resistant, corrosive resistant, and has a high load carrying capacity. This patented design virtually eliminates any chance of binding which is common with other transom jacks.The PL-65 HS is rated for V-6 motors and smaller and gives you 5″ of vertical travel with 1-1/2″ of adjustment on the motor bracket and 1-1/2″ of adjustment on the transom bracket. A TOTAL OF 8″ OF POSSIBLE ADJUSTMENT! It also can be purchased with stainless steel motor rails, Model PL-65SS (for V-8 motors 300 HP MAX).


Transon Support Plates and Wedges

Transom Support Plates / Transom Washer Plates

Made of strong 3/8" 6061 T6 alloy aluminum (not cast aluminum), the CMC transom washer can eliminate bolts “biting” into transoms and can more evenly distribute loads on high performance engines.

Hole centers: Top Plate – 12 7/8" Bottom Plate – 9 7/8"


CMC Transom Wedges and Setback Spacers (Item #20122)

These 2 degree wedges are designed to give extra positive or negative trim.


  • Used as an aid for boats with an insufficient transom angle or for boats having planing problems at low speed
  • Unique design of the CMC Transom Wedges allows you to also use them as set back spacers
  • Simply stack and invert 2, 4, and 6 sets (sold in sets of two)
  • Fit all Transom jacks, jack plates, Outboard lifts, tilt trim units, and outboard motors with a standard B.I.A bolt pattern
  • Made of strong 6061 T6 alloy aluminum (not cast aluminum)

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Our Aerator Controls are built for the fishermen that need to conserve battery power while still keeping their bait or fish alive in the well. These units can be used in fresh or salt water applications and are priced economically. The combination off/on switch(A-0-LWS-T) cycles the aerator pump on for appx. 30 seconds every 3.5 minutes. Continuous run mode can also be used. An operation ID plate is supplied with the unit The variable control aerator timer(A-0-LWS-V) cycles on for 30 seconds and the off cycle is variable from 0 to 5 minutes. This unit also has a continuous run mode and is supplied with a control setting ID plate. All our units have up to a 10 amp output.
18x24 carpet boat mat Quick View

Custom Embroidered Boarding Mat – Rectangular

Our Custom Embroidered Boarding Mat is a plush yet durable cover that protects your deck from marks and scratches Proudly Made in the USAwhile creating a safe way to board your boat.
  • Made from our UV resistant, marine grade carpet material and backed with a non-skid, non-marking rubber that won't deteriorate over time.
  • Our Boarding Mat can be customized with your embroidered boat name or other text, adding that personal touch.
  • Longest warranty in the Marine Industry EIGHT YEARS Full Warranty on carpet and backing, Our Gunnel Mat is larger than most- check your sizes before purchasing! Total size is shown as a choice and the custom embroidery covers the width of the mat.
Our premium Marine Carpet Boarding Mat an essential accessory for any boating enthusiast . All are made of a plush carpet that is waterproof, stain and fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant, with a non-skid rubber backing. All edges are beautifully finished with matching poly binding. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles. We provide custom embroidery to match. All our mats and carpets are custom cut and embroidered to order. The lead time is appx. 10-12 business days from the time of your order until it is shipped. Choose the colors and font choices from the charts below and mark them in the drop down boxes.  
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Poli Prep Cleaner Concentrate Quick View

Poli Prep Cleaner Concentrate

Poli Prep Cleaner Concentrate is designed to prep the surface prior to using Poli Glow.  It will remove wax, light stains, and light oxidation.  Poli Prep is a concentrate.  Do not use full strength. Dilute three parts water to one part Poli Prep. Wet surface with water. Apply Poli Prep with trigger sprayer and scrub vigorously. If you have heavy oxidation or a darker colored surface, it’s best to use Poli Ox along with the Prep to insure that all oxidation has been removed.
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Bow Pulpit – 33 Inch

This top quality fiberglass anchor pulpit is built to exacting specifications and will fit almost all bow configurations. Proudly Made in the USA The skirt all the way around the bottom of the pulpit can be cut to match the toe rail or angle of the deck on your boat in order to make a seamless appearing installation. NOTE: These are semi-custom items and are not in stock on the shelf. They are usually built and in the mold ready to take out, finish, and ship. Depending on the number of orders for the pulpits and other fiberglass items, shipping could take 1-2 weeks. 33in long x 11in wide at the bow x 3in thick
  • Tapers to approximately 7 1/2 wide at the end
  • Weight 18 pounds
  • Approximate thickness is 2 1/5 to 2 3/4 inches.
This item can not be shipped outside the Continental United States.  
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Sale! The Original portable bait well pump Quick View

Portable Bait Well Pumps

"The Original" is our most popular KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusor®. The three silicone suction cups will attach to any smooth flat surface. It is ideal for any of our quality fiberglass live wells, portable coolers and built in recirculating live wells. Available with Rule® 500, 700, and 1100 pumps. All our pumps operate on 12 volts dc. The KA500 will maintain 10 pounds of bait while the KA1100 will maintain 40-50 pounds of bait. The 1-1/8" Nozzle of the KA1100 provides extremely gentle aeration.
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Sale! Poli Glow with microfiber mitt applicator Quick View

Poli Glow Boat Polish with Applicator

*NEW & IMPROVED Micro Fiber Mitt Applicator The Mitt Applicator was designed to replace the 7" hand-held chamois applicator. Preparation of Poli-Mitt:
  • Dampen Poli-Mitt with fresh water, wring out, wrap in towel and wring out remaining moisture.
  • During application, Poli-Mitt may have to be rinsed out from time-to-time.
  • Repeat initial process and resume application. Poli-Mitt should be damp not wet.
  • Always wear a rubber or plastic disposable glove under Poli-Mitt.Application of Poli Glow:
  • Drizzle several lines of Poli Glow onto palm of mitt. Mitt should be moist, not dripping wet.
  • Apply Poli Glow by wiping in one direction (similar to painting varnish) top to bottom or side to side.
  • Do not wipe in circular motion.
  • Do a 4’x 6’ area at a time.
  • Each coat dries in approximately 1-2 minutes (depending on temperature).
  • Apply 4 to 6 coats of Poli Glow and move on to the next section.
$7.95$49.95 Select options
Poli Ox Rust and Oxidation Remover Quick View

Poli Ox Rust & Oxidation Remover

Poli Ox is a powder cleanser that will remove heavy oxidation from light or dark colored fiberglass.  It also removes fish blood, rust stains, mineral deposits, scum line and brown water stains from hull.  Poli Ox can also be used to clean and polish stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, glass (will not scratch glass) and to clean and brighten teak. (20 oz. Poli Ox)
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Sale! Poli Grit Kit Quick View

Poli Grit Kit

Our Poli Grit Kit will give you a high gloss, easy to clean, non slippery surface.  Poli Grit is used to seal non-skid or textured surfaces. It will make stains and footprints easy to wash off with just soap and water. Poli Grit Kit is supplied with two bottles.  Bottle A which has polypropylene pellets mixed with a sealer.  Bottle B is a sealer only.  You're required to roll on one coat of Bottle A and then 2-3 coats of Bottle B. If you need only one kit order the Kit. You can also order additional Bottle A or Bottle B if needed for your project. Depending on the surface to cover and how porous it is, a kit should cover between 10 - 20 square feet. Includes roller handle, pan, two short nap roller covers, and Part A and Part B Poli Grit. Perfect for decks, gunwales, stair treads, fishing platforms or any fiberglass part of the boat that needs to be non-skid.
$19.95$39.95 Select options
Poli Strip Liquid Quick View

Poli Strip Liquid

32oz. Poli Strip Liquid Concentrate is formulated for the removal of Poli Glow. Rubbing compound will not remove Poli Glow!! If Poli Glow has started to break down and is coming off, you may have to remove Poli Glow with Poli Strip (see 'More Information' for removal of Poli Glow.) Reapply 2 to 3 coats of Poli Glow to the area to restore shine.  
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