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Hydro Glow Fishing Lights – Off the Dock

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The DM26 is the above the water model.  It is four feet long, has a 20 inch cord and 2 rows of high output LEDs for maximum light output.  It features a 120v to 12v power supply which provides safe low voltage power to the light.  Its low profile allows it to be installed anywhere on the dock.  Its mounting brackets are easy to install and the light simply snaps into place.  A great feature is the direction of the light beam can be adjusted by rotating the light up or down for the desired effect.  The light projection from this model is more of a floodlight and will illuminate a broad area around the dock.  Placement of multiple lights is generally about 8 feet apart.

The SeaFloor Series(SF-60) underwater lights are our  “anchored to the bottom” style lights.  This means the light fixture floats so a weight is required to hold the light in the desired location and depth.  The SF60 comes with a 50 foot cord, a 120v to 24v power supply to provide safe current to the light and an array of high output LEDs for maximum output and energy efficiency.  The SF60 underwater light is designed to be deployed so the light fixture is floating about 3 feet below the surface.   Because there are no special transformers, ballasts and other parts, there is no need for an electrician.   Simply attach a small weight (about 2 pounds) on the cord, drop it in the water and plug it up.  Installation takes about 5 minutes.  As with all our dock lights, we recommend turning off any other white lights on the dock.  You will be amazed at the amount of fish you will see with the SF60. Safe low voltage current, very bright and energy efficient best describes the SF60, a truly green product.

The FL-30 is an “above the water” style light. The FL-30 LED floodlight is designed with a more focused beam than the DM260. This model is recommended for docks high off the water or where water conditions is stained or not very clear. The FL-30 features a focused light beam to provide greater depth of penetration. The FL-30 is 120v and comes with a 20 foot cord. The size of this model is about 8 inch x 8 inch in size. The FL-30 comes in green color to maximize fish attraction.  With only 1/4 amp draw and 30w you can easily run several lights on a single circuit.

The DS60 is our newest style of dock lighting.   This DS60 underwater light offers portability or permanent installation options.  The DS60 comes with an array of high output LEDs, a 20 foot cord, 120v input and waterproof design.  The DS60 is designed to be deployed right off the side of the dock.  For best results, lower the light about 1 foot deep below the low water mark and either tie the cord to a cleat or attach the cord to the dock for a more permanent installation.  Because this model will illuminate both horizontally and vertically.  Illuminated areas can reach up to 25 feet or more in clear water conditions.  The DS60 will make your dock a living aquarium.

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