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GPS Coordinates

 Converts instantly Loran-C to Latitude-Longitudes and automatically inserts incremental five (5′) minute Additional Correction Factors (ASF) for D-GPS three decimal place accuracy.
 Over 640,000 Additional Correction Factors (ASF) are included as published in nine books by the US Defense Mapping Agency, Hydrographic/Topographic Center.
 The entire USCG and Canadian Light List for navigation reference. Just think, this means that every sea buoy and lighted marker is included for your boating safety and navigation! The Caribbean Islands and Cuba included!

 Chart quality coastlines for the entire U.S. coast and Great Lakes.
 Unlimited Personal Coordinate Log Book!
 Unlimited Personal Route Log Book!
 Unlimited Personal Photo Album!
Create your very own picture album. Scan a photo add it to any coordinate. Show off your family and their catches.
Sort these files anyway you like, Alphabetical, north to south, south to north, east to west, west to east… three levels of sorting for all of the information. Select your state, your county and your features, all with the click of your mouse!
What Coordinates Are Close By? Create your own Grid. Select any coordinate, then tell program to create a list all of the adjacent destinations, and you pick the range! Then zoom in or out at will!
Want to Calculate a Route? Build a route from the database coordinates and watch the program calculate the Distance and Heading from one point to another, etc. then save your route for future reference. Change the order of your route with a click of a button. Then you can print your routes and personal coordinates to take with you on your boat.
Convert your TDs to Lat-Lons (or visa-versa). This program will then search the Additional Secondary Factors (ASF) database of over 640,000 correction factors (every 5 minutes) and then calculate an accurate Latitude and Longitude. Just as easy as point and click!
How far is a site… This program calculates distance and heading from your home port to any coordinate in the database. Select your home coordinate and the rest is automatic.
TIDES… Click on any coordinate, then the TIDE button and view the tides for the day and then if needed, look forward daily to the year 2038!

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