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Fishing Cart Bucket Holder

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KeepAlive Green Fishing Lights Quick View

KeepAlive Green Fishing Lights

Now you can attract live bait easily at night with our innovative and quality Green Fishing Lights. They are notably different from other green lights. Using the latest technology, we have incorporated one of the brightest LEDs available in a round configuration to transmit brightness (beam focus) further into the water thus providing more illuminance for finding and attracting fish. Focus Beam surrounds the light 360 degrees and shines downward 120 degrees. Lights can be stowed in small compartments when not in use. Cockpit clutter is reduced.
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Captain Charlie's Magic Menhaden Oil Quick View

Captain Charlie’s™ Magic Menhaden Oil

Captain Charlie’s™ Magic Menhaden Oil - 1 Gallon HIGH GRADE MENHADEN OIL is an excellent fish attractant. Great for marinating fresh bait such as squid strips, etc. to make them more effective. Can be added to our No Freeze chum if more oil is desirable. Ideal for adding to homemade chum. Our Fish Oil is intended for attracting fish only and is not for human or pet consumption Shipping per gallon, USPS Flat Rate is $14.50.
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Fish-n-Mate Mini Cart Quick View

Fish-n-Mate Mini Cart

This cart is GREAT for the bridge, pier, dock, bank or beach fisherman on a tight budget! It will hold a 40 to 48 qt cooler and four fishing rods and reels. No more back and forth trips to the parking lot or through the woods for gear and tackle. You can strap your tackle box to the top of the cooler, or use a smaller cooler that will let your tackle box fit inside the cart. Add our bucket holder that mounts in one of your rod tubes and you can haul a five gallon bucket or live bait aerator right to your fishing hole, fresh or salt water!
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Fold-It Folding Aluminum Dock Cart Quick View

Fold-It Dock Cart

The Collapsible Cart that’s Big on Hauling And Small on Storage!
Proudly Made in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA

Boaters know the toughest part of boating is usually hauling gear from the car to the boat and then back again. Down ramps, over docks...it’s hard work! The Foldit marine cart hauls all those cumbersome boating supplies with ease... coolers, skis, anchors, mooring line...you name it. You’ll spend less time and effort loading and unloading boats and more time on the water! Like the home and garden model, our marine cart weighs just 33 pounds and easily carries 10 times it own weight. The 20" pneumatic tires mean stable, effortless maneuverability with even heavy loads over ramps, docks and uneven terrain. The difference is in the carts extra rugged marine-grade aluminum construction and stainless steel components. That assure complete rust and corrosion protection-even after years of exposure to salt-water spray. Outside dimensions: Length - 55", Width - 30-3/4", Depth - 23" Inside Dimensions: Length - 38", Width - 22-3/4", Depth - 11-1/2" Folded Dimensions: 41" Long x 9.5" Wide x 22" Deep Shipping inside the Continental United States $39.00.
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Hydro Glow Fishing Lights - Off the Dock Quick View

Hydro Glow Fishing Lights – Off the Dock

Hydro Glow Fishing Lights utilize high output LEDs for great fish attracting capability. Hydro Glow Fishing Lights manufactures high quality, energy efficient, water proof lights for both above the water Proudly Made in the USAand underwater applications.    The fish attracting capability of our high output LED dock lights will enhance fishing, and just watching fish, right off your dock for the entire family. Factors such as water depth, clarity, boat traffic, and the desired appearance of the illuminated area should be considered when choosing the best suited dock light.  Our above the water models are the DM260 and the FL30 LED floodlight.  Our anchored to the bottom model is the SF60 and coming soon, the SF100. For enhancing fishing around your dock or just making a cool look, chose a Hydro Glow Dock Light best suited for your particular situation.
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Rod And Reel Racks 2 Inch Receiver Adapter Quick View

Rod And Reel Racks 2 Inch Receiver Adapter

Anodized aluminum bracket to mount your 4 or 6 rod holder racks to the 2 inch receiver on the front of your truck. Heavy duty anodized aluminum #ANG563 allows Rod Racks to be raised an additional 6" in height. Stainless steel stabilizer bar and mounting hardware included. Adapts to parts #ANG013 & #ANG051 (4 and 6 Holder Rod Racks).  
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Quick View

KeepAlive Green Underwater Dock Light

KeepAlive KA406 underwater dock light provides the angler with 90 watts of efficient night fishing, bait attracting, light. Producing 8100 lm of green light, its special configuration, transmits brightness (beam focus) at greater distances with lower power, than other designs using the same power. Green light provides hours of enjoyment and fishing at your own dock.
  •  7 meters (23’) power leads.
  • 30,000 hours of bright and efficient LEDs.
  • Efficient round design. Focus beam extends further than other designs. Focus Beam surrounds the light 360 degrees and shines downward 120 degrees.
  • Hanger for tethering.
  • Watertight to depths up to 100’.
  • Operates on 120 volts AC.
  • Compact for easy storage.
  • Designed for use in a marine environment. (IP68)
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Rod and Reel Holders Truck Bumper Mount Fold Down Quick View

Rod and Reel Holders Truck Bumper Mount Fold Down

Ever needed a place to hold your fishing rods and reels while surf fishing or at the lake? This bright anodized bumper mount can hold 6 rod and reels plus a marine cooler up to 54 qts! It has dual mounting options with all the parts included. Easily folds up when you're not using the cooler. 2" hitch adapters #204 and #174 offset adapters will fit this Rod Rack.

Shipping will be quoted by telephone or e-mail upon receipt of order.close

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Lil' Mate Fishing Cart Quick View

Lil’ Mate Fishing Cart

A Fisherman's Best Friend!
  • 4 Rod-Holders
  • 54 Quart Cooler Capacity
  • 10" Pneumatic Rubber Tires
  • Satin Chrome Finish
  • Total Weight 13 lbs
  • inside frame 7"X14.5"X26.5"
  • outside frame 9"X18"X28"
  • outside frame 15"X24"X29" (with wheels mounted/handle removed)
Cooler shown NOT included. This item's freight cannot be calculated by the shopping cart and you will be notified of the freight cost prior to shipping, or you may e-mail us your address and the item you wish to order and we will respond with the freight amount for you.  
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Quick View

Captain Charlie’s™ Universal Chum Pots

These chum pots can be used on the surface, hanging from a cleat or add weights to the bottom and drop to the Proudly Made in the USAlevel at which you wish to dispense chum, even on the bottom. The 211 is 2 inches Dia. x 12 inches L with 1/4 inch holes The 100 is 3 inches Dia. x 10 inches L with 1/4 inch holes(most popular) The 103 is 3 inches Dia. x 10 inches L with 3/8 inch holes All our chum  pots ship with a free 1lb. sample of Captain Charlie's No Freeze Chum. Our most popular size chum pot for all types of fishing is the model 100 that is 3" x 10" with 1/4" holes. Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico temperatures with a light current, you should get around 3 hours between fill ups. Faster currents and cooler water will change the time to disperse a pot full.    
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