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Anchor Line and Chain

A special tapered splice connects our chain and line. Our ‘sets’ and custom orders alike are hand spliced in order to flow properly around your windlass, no matter what brand it is. All our rodes use ACCO® Hi-test hot dipped chain. Our 3 strand nylon lines are manufactured by New England Rope and our 8 brait lines are by Yale Cordage.

All our anchor rodes are custom cut and spliced upon order and are non-refundable. Be sure to tell us what brand, make, and model of windlass and the gypsy wheel number that you have.

Horizon/Sprint 400,500,600 Series uses: Hi Test G4 1/4″ chain and 1/2″ 3-strand twisted nylon rope or 1/2″ 8 Brait line.

Nylon Brait™ is an 8-strand nylon rope created through braid technology that yields a product with a firm strand formation yet full stowage flexibility. The unique construction offers maximum strength and energy absorption, and working windlass grip-hold.

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