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Hydraulic Steering Service and Repair

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Hydraulic Steering Service and Repair


There are a few Hynautic models still being manufactured. If you have a Hynautic steering system on your vessel that is not functioning properly, we can probably service and reseal it for you.( We do service and rebuild all brands of hydraulic steering units and we recommend that if you currently have a unit that you rebuild, rather than purchase new to save a considerable amount of money.)

 H-20 series helm apart on workbenchH-20 series helm apart on workbench

We do not recommend that you try to replace the seals yourself. It IS NOT a do-it-yourself job.

Now that you have it apart, what do you do….even if you get it back together, how do you know you didn’t lose any parts, how do you set the timing?

There are no manuals or instructions available.

We rebuild all hydraulic steering units, usually within a week turn-around.

If you need to know the model of your steering helm, on many brands it is stamped on the back of the unit near where the hoses connect. There are many manufacturers of hydraulic steering and we service them all; Hynautic, Teleflex, SeaStar, Morse, Char-Lynn, and others.

Servicing hydraulic steering units is NOT a do-it-yourself project.

We will gladly look at your unit and give you a price quote. There is a $35.00 minimum tear-down and inspection fee for this service. This will be credited to your repair charges if we rebuild/reseal your unit. (If you send us a box of loose parts because you already took it apart, there will be a surcharge to rebuild the unit before we can determine the rebuild cost. That surcharge will be credited to the cost of the rebuild if you decide to have us do it.)

To Send us your unit for repairs, fill in the text box above with the following information:  LET US KNOW WHY YOU ARE SENDING US YOUR UNIT. (EX. leaking from the shaft OR will only turn one way) ALSO, LET US KNOW IF SOMEONE ELSE HAS WORKED ON IT RECENTLY. PLEASE GIVE US AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU CAN.

Then continue as if you  are placing an order by clicking ‘Add to Cart’. There will be no charge at this time and we will not ask for your credit card until we have completed your repair service.

Our shipping address is:
Southern Charm
6240 105th Terrace
Pinellas Park, FL 33782

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