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Minnow Fin For Outboard Trolling Motors

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The Minnow installs in minutes with just a screwdriver. It will provide directional assistance whenever it is in the water. The steering response is improved when using thrust or when using another motor for propulsion.  If fishing conditions require drifting and working the current while stalking the ‘Elusive Lunker’ the minnow will add stability and limit wind effect. Fight the fish, not your boat.  Tested and proven effective by Northwest fishermen.


  • 10X the Steering Control
  • 3X the Turn Rate
  • 10X the Effective Rudder Area
  • Exceptional Tracking in Windy and Turbulent Conditions
  • Reduced Cycling of the Autopilot because the steering is more effective.
  • Maximizes the thrust of your electric trolling motor.


  • Marine Aluminum
  • Welded construction
  • Fits virtually all modern electric trolling motors
  • Simple 5 minute installation with only a screw driver.
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA

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POWER LIFT for outboards up to 350 Horsepower Quick View

CMC HD Hydraulic Jack Plate

The PL-65HD Power-Lift is designed for 350 HP outboard motors. The PL-65HD is made of 6061 T6 aluminum alloy extrusions and fastened with stainless steel fasteners for maximum strength and durability.  The structure incorporates a patented roller design providing less friction, longer wear, less maintenance and virtually eliminates any chance of binding. The self-contained and water proof electric hydraulic power unit and cylinder is embodied into one actuator inside the structure of the Power-Lift and includes its own fluid reservoir.  Providing a lifting capacity of 7853 lbs of thrust, it has no problem lifting a 350 HP motor at full speed.  It is made of 100% non-ferrous material which makes it more impervious to salt and fresh water.  This design eliminates the need to install a hydraulic tank, motor, pump and hoses inside the boat saving the boat room where needed.  It comes full of fluid, tested and ready for operation.
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CMC High Speed Hydraulic Power-Lift Quick View

CMC High Speed Hydraulic Power-Lift

This dependable, self contained, and water proof high speed hydraulic actuator has a maximum lifting capacity ofProudly Made in the USA 7,853 pounds of thrust. You will have no problem lifting even a V-6 300 hp max. motor at full throttle. The hydraulic actuator is mounted inside the structure of the Power-Lift, yet it is fully accessible without removing the engine. There are no hoses to contain, nor will you have to contend with mounting a pump and reservoir inside your boat, as is the need with other transom jacks.
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Stainless Steel Butt Hinges Quick View

Stainless Steel Butt Hinges

Our Stainless Steel Butt Hinges are made for marine applications and with the variety of sizes and shapes available, should cover all your stainless steel hinge needs.
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Tie Down Quick View

Flush Mounted Tie Down and Ski Tow

Tie Down Features
  • May be used anywhere equipment must be secured to the deck-e.g. poling platform, scuba gear, fenders, etc.
  • Large size (#195) is also ideal for docks; small size (#196) is ideal for personal watercraft.
  • Made of cast stainless steel.
  • Assembly consists of main body and sealing cup.
Ski Tow Features:
  • Keeps the transform clear of protruding ski tows.
  • Four piece patented assembly consists of main body, sealing cup, backing plate and gasket.
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Hydraulic Engine and Transmission Control Maintenance and Service

To properly service your hydraulic engine controls, call us for packing and shipping instructions. Teleflex/Morse / Hynautic is the world’s largest manufacturer of marine hydraulic controls
  • Proven performance and reliability for over 30 years
  • Dependable control for luxury cruisers, workboats and commercial fishing boats
  • Nothing moves boats better a hydraulic control is a liquid link between a sender and an actuator
  • Provides pure energy in motion without friction, without backlash, no lost motion up to four stations is possible depending on length of tubing run
  • Unique and highly accepted feel
  • Simple installation
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CMC PT-130 Tilt and Trim for up to 130 HP

Electric Hydraulic Tilt & TrimProudly Made in the USA

You Get Power Tilt & Trim, Better Boat Handling, More Speed, Lower Fuel Consumption and No More Back Strain! The PT-130 allows you to tuck your motor in to get your boat on plane smoother and faster. When you’re underway, you can change the angle of your motor to obtain the best performance for your load and water conditions. It gives you a more stable ride, increases top end speed, allows more prop clearance, and better fuel economy.
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Poli Ox Rust and Oxidation Remover Quick View

Poli Ox Rust & Oxidation Remover

Poli Ox is a powder cleanser that will remove heavy oxidation from light or dark colored fiberglass.  It also removes fish blood, rust stains, mineral deposits, scum line and brown water stains from hull.  Poli Ox can also be used to clean and polish stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, glass (will not scratch glass) and to clean and brighten teak. (20 oz. Poli Ox)
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Lift Rings Quick View

Lift Rings

  • 2-1/2" loop is easy to grasp, even while wearing gloves.
  • Mounts flush with the boat deck.
  • Shuttered key hole.
  • Made of UV-resistant plastic.
  • Cam may be moved in the unlocked position without a key.
  • Specify straight or 5/8" offset cam.
  • Straight cam adjustment 1 3/8" minimum - 2" maximum.
  • 5/8" offset cam adjustment 5/8" minimum - 2 3/4" maximum.
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Hydrofoil Fin

Add fins to your hydrofoil and add directional control Proudly Made in the USAand stability that you've been missing. Uncle Norm’s Hydrofoil Fin triples the effective rudder area giving you powerful directional control at very high speeds and adds crisp, responsiveness at any speed. These fins do not add drag at high speeds but are a great help maneuvering at slow speeds and during docking or trailering the boat. Fins on hydrofoils are a great help tracking on course in windy conditions or in current.  Included 2 fins that bolt onto your hydrofoil fin.  Hydrofoil not included.
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5 Inch Vertical Extension for Outboards Quick View

5 Inch Vertical Extension for Outboards

The 5 inch vertical extension allows the motor to be mounted 5 inches higher than the standard mounting on the transom. It is a must for conversion from a prop to jet drive. Another application includes mounting the 5" vertical extension on the hydraulic Power-Lift to raise the motor higher on shallow running boats that are equipped with tunnel extensions. Constructed of Extruded 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy.
$160.00 Add to cart
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